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At Triumph Optical, we distribute some of the hottest designer eyewear at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Some of the designer eyewear products that we sell are from designers like: Ray Ban, Versace, *Ballisimo, Pablo Zanetti and Dulce and Gabbana.

In addition to our designer eyewear products, Triumph Optical sells numerous optical supplies, which range from eyeglasses cases to tools and machines for opticians. 

All eyewear and optical supplies sold at Triumph Optical are of the highest design and material quality.

Triumph Optical was founded in 1989, in Highland Park, California. In addition to the online catalogue, Triumph Optical has many more styles to choose from at their headquarters. Please stop by for a visit and browse our designer eyewear and see which set of frames works best for you. We look forward to meeting you and getting you into a pair of our glasses.

To request a more comprehensive catalogue of all of our products, please call our customer service line at (323) 478 1991. 

*Ballisimo eyewear, is sometimes referred to as Ballisimo eyeglasses and can be mistakenly spelled as Bellisimo or Bellisima. Triumph Optical is the primary wholesale distributor of Ballisimo eyewear in the U.S.